We focus on

mainly produce the disposable medical consumables of Color Dilution Cuvettes,Sample Cups,Centrifuge Tubes,Freezing Tubes,Petri Dishes,Culture Plates,Specimen Containers,Pipette Tips,Vacuum Tube and etc. Meanwhile,refer to the professional requirement from different field, Aicor offer custom-built mold and production for medical/laboratory consumables to customers.
Cuvettes and Sample Cups are manufactured from imported material for optical products,apply to the full automatic biochemical analyzer, coagulometer and spectrophotometer. It has smoth surface and its' glass-like clarity providing excellent light transmission for testing.
Centrifuge Tubes are manufactured from imported medical grade polypropylene, resistant to autoclave at 121℃/15psi for 15 minutes and high speed centrifugation. The clear tubes have white printed graduations and a large writing area. Based on the requirements from customer, all the tubes can be made with two color printing and have the character of DNase & RNase Free,Pyrogene-Free.
Specimen Containers have good sealing property , it can prevent leaking and contamination effectively ., avoid any direct contact between the patients and the medical personnel,safe and reliable . Based on customers' requirement containers can be packed individually and EO sterilized.
Produced with high quality polystyrene, Petri Dishes have smooth surface and optimal transparent body. With EO sterilization, apply for bacteria & cell culture. Each lid is triple-vented for precise airflow and the stackable design makes storage easy.
Pipette Tips are made from high quality imported polypropylene, resistant to autoclave sterilization. Smooth tip surface, without any residue, ensure the accuracy of the transfered liquid.
Test Tubes are made from high quality polystyrene, it has smooth surface and bright body, widely used in specimen collecting for clinic inspection. Moreover, we supply the PET TUBE which designed for Vaccum Blood Collection especially.。
AICOR Vacuum Tube are made from imported raw material, it has excellent compatibility which can well fit the transporter of various different biochemical, immunochemical and hematological analyzers. With complete range of specifications, we can supply the tubes with various special volumes, customized labels to our clients.